Chocolate processing: depositor D03

Simple filling machine with three nozzles. The moulds that are to be filled are automatically brought to the correct position with a conveyor belt, and the filling process is started automatically. As soon as the filling process has been completed, the mould is automatically pushed further until the mould has been completely filled. The filled mould is then transported out of the machine and the next mould is automatically detected and filled. The weight and/or volume of the filling mixture can be simply regulated with a hand wheel. The repeatability is very precise, and different cylinder diameters can also be used. The container and the nozzle can be heated.

Technical Data

Description: Machine for the filling of chocolate and chocolate filling mixtures. With frame and rollers.
Machine dimensions : approx. 460 x 1’000 h : 1670 mm
Maximum mould size : approx. 350 x 400 h : 50 mm
Capacity: 5 to 15 strokes / min.
Up to 45 fillings per minute
Up to 675 g per minute
Description of the filling mechanism: Precise filling with volume-controlled piston
Maximum number of pistons per row : 3 piston
Accessories: 3 fixed straight stainless-steel nozzles
3 piston, diameter 22 mm
Nozzle bar: Nozzle bar slightly heated, but not regulated
03 piston positions spaced 35 mm apart
Containers: Container slightly heated but / regulated
Capacity: 5 litres
Filling volume per nozzle: can be regulated approx 0.2 to 14 cm3 (0.5 to 15 g)
Placement of the moulds: manual
Movement from row to row: manual
Electrical power : 230V./ 50Hz, 5A
Compressed air: 6 bar / 50 litres per minute



Additional equipment: Container with 8 litre capacity, extra charge
Regulated temperature for container and nozzle barund Balken
Second container

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