Conche LC05: Chocolate processing

The chocolate is heated in special, heated mixing unit for between twelve and 24 hours at temperatures up to 90°C, while high quality chocolate can be conched for up to 72 hours. During this process, the cocoa butter repeatedly flows out of the openings, and deposits itself evenly on the chocolate particles. The result is a sifter, liquid coating. Water is removed from the chocolate mass through the heat and the oxygen, and the final moisture content of the chocolate amounts to only approximately one percent. Other residual and undesirable off-flavored and bitter substances (acetaldehyde, acetone, i-butyl alcohol, ethanol, i-propyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, acetic acid, i-pentanal, methanol, diacetyl). If necessary, more cocoa is added to chocolate mass at the end of the conching process.

Technical data

Capacity: 5 litres
Temperature control: 28 to 80°C
Conching process: several hours / days
Option: dry conching
Drive: 3-phase gear motor 0.37kW
Dimensions of LC 05 machine: approx. 700 x 900 mm
height approx 1,200 mm
Weight: 100 kg



Option dry conching max. 3/5 of the tank volume

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