Glycol wells basements

The CIAM ice cream glycol wells represent the maximum expression of technology and tradition in ice cream preservation. The constructive solutions and the specific patents guarantee a highly reliable and unique product of its kind.

The CIAM glycol ice cream wells have a patent for uniform temperature inside the refrigerated compartment (delta temp. <1 ° C) which ensures the ready spreading of the ice cream also for the reserve Carapines. All the shells have an anti-rotation system during the ice-cream mixing.

After the first start-up, the ice-cream well reaches operating temperature in about 9/10 hours, after which the temperature is maintained with a very low energy consumption. The range consists of 5 models: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 carapine with or without reserve.


Details and technology

Ice-cream well
Glycol refrigerated ice-cream well, steel lids and upper rings with hot wire; patented glycol feeding system for the ready spreading of the ice cream in the reserve trays

Back with ventilation shutters for central anti-condensation ventilation

Stainless steel feet, adjustable in height

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