HML 720 S

Semi-automatic moulding line for pralines, tablets and cups

Key features

This is the complete version of our HML 720 moulding lines, which is equipped with pre-heating and turning station.
Because it uses a flood-filling system, you can fill all of your moulds without having to change any hardware on the machine.
Typically the line is used in combination with a cooling room and allows you to work about 7 times faster than manually.
Available for several mould sizes.
With a small adaptation the HML 720 S can use both 275×135 and 275×175 mm moulds.

Our advise

Chocolatiers that produce over 10 T/year and supply several shops will benefit from this line.

Technical details

Capacity 12 moulds per minute
Contence/Size 275×135, 275×175 or 275×205 mm moulds
Floor space 6 to 8 m²
Command pannel Touch screen PLC
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection 3-phase + N + E
Compressed air connection Yes
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