MiniLine (Freezer Prover -18° / +45°C)

Your Benefits:

– Flexbaker, ready to bake dough for up to 6-8 hours (option)
– Fresh bread the whole day.
– Mix production for both small and big bread.
– Change of costs from night time to day time.
– Betterdevelopmentofflavors
– Effective utilizationof production equipment
– Danish Developed thawing curves in cooperation with the Danish bakers and raw material suppliers
– Minimum requirements for floor area
– Stick Ready Device
– Minimal installation time
– Complete with integrated refrigeration

Freezing, storage, thawing and proofing
-18° / +45°C Normal to 98 % RF

Retarder Prover for 25 baking sheets (800×600 mm)
LILLNORD’s retarder prover for baking sheets, MiniLine -ideal for bake-off in store bakery, catering, kiosk, branches and fuel stations, etc.
Here is a need for thawing and proofing of frozen dough pieces in small quantities, and high demands on quality.


FlexBaker – oven-fresh product all through the day
200-steps, Intelligent Fan Speed Regulation
Computer control and touch screen computer
Long Distance Supervision
200-steps Intelligent Fan Speed Regulation