Tempering machine suitable for tempering chocolate with all types of inclusions.

Walnuts, hazelnuts, cereals, candied fruit, pistachios and various dried fruit, grains and small and medium sized fruit.

The machine is controlled by a dedicated electronic card that allows the adjustment of melting and tempering temperatures. It has a cap lid that helps the mix of the chocolate with the product which, of course, must be made with liquid chocolate.

The tempering process takes place in the bowling tank like all our “Quadro” batch tempering machines and at the time of reaching the tempering temperature, the pump can be activated for the beginning of the product extrusion process. The pump has a pneumatic doser that can manage the dosing of the product. The pump is designed to avoid the excessive break of the inclusions, although with multiple passages, breaking is inevitable.

The percentage of inclusions can vary from 20% to 50% depending on the type of inclusion selected. Nucleo can also be equipped with a mold loader that can be managed in automatic cycle for continuous production. The mold loader can be supplied with a nozzle plate with valve adjustment which will be designed by the manufacturer according to the customer’s needs. At the end of the extrusion process, the bowl can be refilled to reactivate a new cycle.

The machine is equipped with a vibrating table. The capacity of the bowl is 55 kilos of chocolate without inclusions.

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