Overturnable EASY R

To complete the new series of EASY and EASY E mixers, we have added the EASY R tipping model, consisting of an EASY spiral mixer and a hydraulically-operated lifter-tipper (EASY RL-RH). Its compact size, suited to the capacities that it is built to handle, means it is also able to fit into small working areas and where access is difficult.

Easy to use, ergonomic and elegant design, are the principal features of this new series of mixer. Depending on the chosen model, offloading can be onto the table (RL version) or into a hopper (RH version), on either the left or right side.

With the RH version it is possible either to adjust the unloading height so that the tipper is as close as possible to the hopper of the associated volumetric divider, or to unload onto the table by simply turning a key selector.

The new multi-function control system, a standard feature of the machine, makes it possible to operate in traditional manual mode or in programmable automatic mode, thus eliminating all the repetitive operations (mixing stage). Over 100 years of Pietroberto’s experience in the dough mixing technology ensure the highest levels of functionality, reliability and safety.

Overturnable spiral mixer with double-discharge.

Tipping mixer with double discharge This EASY RB version allows the mixer to be unloaded to either the left or to the right, at table height (120 cm) or hopper height (180 cm).

The manufacturing quality and mixing quality are exactly the same as those of single-discharge models, the only difference being the presence of the lifting-tipping device.



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