Packaging machine c10r

Cutting apparatus with an automatic foil feeding system. Machine movable on castors. Steel components, covers and cladding are of stainless steel, aluminum or burn in varnish.
Automatic cutting machine for several chocolates of different shapes and sizes. The chocolate has to be wrapped by hand. A folding table with a pneumatic push down cylinder is helping to wrap it easy. The foil is automatically fed from the roll.


The chocolates are placed by hand (one by one), into the recesses provided on the table. The chocolate will be pressed by a pneumatic pusher true the whole. At the back side the chocolate has to be closed by hand! The foil is automatically cut from the roll according to the size of chocolates. The changeover of the tools for an other shape or sice is easy.

Technical Data

Capacity: approx.10 pieces per minute
Time for changing the tools to another shape: approx. 5 minutes
Dimension of the machine: 500 x 900 mm, H: 1450 mm


Additional equipment: Format set for a different size
Color mark sensor

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