Two cylinder refiner.

The two cylinder grinder is a strong, solid machine of simple use. The utilization of special materials for the construction of the support and transmission organs as well as a few particular modifications guarantee a perfect, silent and long operation. A special amalgam makes the refining cylinders more resistant. The loading hopper and the collecting basin for the finished products are in stainless steel.

Three cylinder refiner.

A sturdy machine with a simple modern line, particularly suitable for the confectionery industry.

Of the three cylinders the central one oscillates and thus allows perfect refining and a high production rate. The cylinders always remain perfectly parallel with one another; the outer ones are easily adjusted by means of a handwheel. A special amalgam makes the refining cylinders more resistant; the scrapers fitted on them and the lateral conveyors may be easily extracted for accurate cleaning of the inside, thus assuring hygienic working conditions.The large-capacity hopper and the basin are stainless steel. To suit particular requirements, a device also allows the machine to operate with two cylinders only. Gears, bushings and shafts are lubricated by oil circuit. The machine is equipped with an accident-prevention device. The low tension electric installation is situated in a sealed housing.

R20TR – R40TR

On request the almond crusher can be supplied for the quick and complete crushing of almonds, dry pastries and other foodstuffs in smaller or larger pieces according to the setting.




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