Cooling Tunnel.

A high quality tempering, such as the one granted by FBM tempering machines, is rightly completed by a cooling method which, reducing to zero the traces of humidity, grants astonishing results.

This is the aim of CLIMATICO, the smallest in the FBM cooling tunnels, with useful inlet of mm 300 wide and useful cooling length starting from m 4; suitable also for all the small pastry shops having problems in terms of space.
Inside the tunnel, by the inner cooling compressor in the refrigerating sector, it is obtained a ring circulation of the air, which removes wetness from the air flow.

The temperature inside the tunnel is electronically adjustable down to 0°C and the possibility to change the speed of the belt conveyor allow the right combination for the best cooling of any chocolate, moulded shape or enrobed product.
Moreover, CLIMATICO is equipped with a special system called “e-clima” which allows the electronic control of the temperature and of the humidity and also the automatic thermostat set.

Everything is controlled by a CPU board, made accessible through a user friendly keyboard.

Thanks to a new system, with raising of the panels by means of a piston, the inspection and cleaning of the belt is now very fast and simple.

Technical Data

Speed of the belt: from 0,50 to 2 meters/minute. Power Input: kW 4 Voltage: 220/380 50 Hz Cooling compressor power: 4.500 refrigerating unit

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