The tempering enrobing machine COMPATTA is able to temper, drip, dose and enrobe.

The continuous tempering technology has two separate systems: the heating by thermal induction for assuring best precision and reactivity and the pre-crystallization by gas, that grants short working times and accuracy in holding temperatures.

Led lights indicate temperature changes (heating and tempering) for constantly monitoring the tempering process.
Removable screw pump allows to change the kind of chocolate without wastes and in few minutes.

The automatic switch reverses the run of the screw pump and allows to empty chocolate out of the screw pipe, to reduce at minimum the restart of tempering cycle.
Machine is equipped with electronic dosing device, with user-selectable time and repetitions.

Enrobing attachment (optional) in 2 parts with total length of 1.360 mm, equipped with: double veil hopper, net beater, independent motor for de-tailer, bearings and lever for start-stop paper, vertically adjustable air blower, paper roll.

Technical Data

Capacity(bowl): 15 kg Led indicators on reaching temperatures (heating and tempering) Night cycle Electronic dosing device with repetitions Removable screw pump with automatic reverse Vibrating table for 2 molds Potential production 75Kg/h Average Power Consumption: Kw 1.5 Voltage: 220V or 380 V, 50 or 60 Hz, three or single phase Weight: kg. 140




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