Jewellery TS Positive Temperature

The Jewellery showcases have been redesigned introducing new stylistic and technological concepts: the pull-out drawer occupies the entire length of the display case (from side to side) and can be customized in different finishes (glass, mirror, stoneware, acrylics, HPL); the supply and return air are composed of directional channels in perfectly integrated stainless steel plates and flush with the display surface.

All perimeter glasses are heated including the back of the drawer; CIAM has patented an innovative low-voltage glass anti-fog system that uses 8mm-thick pyrolytic glasses that are completely transparent without visible resistances, so you get the effect of a standard glass case even in the case of hot glasses!

The hardware is common for all glass structures and all the details have been designed and made with micro-cast steel molds.

The ceiling lamp in polished aluminum equipped with a 3000K no-spot strip-led is powered by a low-voltage conductive strip screen-printed on the side windows, thus avoiding the need for pipes or corrugated pipes.

The new Jewellery display case is available in the following lengths: 900, 1000, 1300, 1500, 1700, 2000, 2100, 2600, 3000).

The use is for fresh pastry and pralines.


Details and technology

Glass structure
Heated glass structure with patented NoFog anti-fogging system

Exhibition area
Coplanar display area with removable drawers that can be customized in finishes and materials

Ventilated refrigeration with humidity control in the pralinery version



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