The solution for cutting cakes in the baking tray.

KR-DUO cutter system
Individual adjustment of the size of the piece
Suitable to baking sheets up to 600 x 400mm
The cutting process takes place in two successively arranged cutting areas


For the KSSM-V3.0D an automated pressurised water cleaning system is optionally deliverable.
At this an automated cutter cleaning in freely adjustable intervals is possible.
For this purpose the cutters move in the cleaning postion and are rinsed with 700 pressurised water.


The cutting process is effected automatically.
Moving in of the baking sheet to the first cutting station.
Longitudinal cut
Transfer to the second cutting station.
Lateral cut
Return transport of the baking sheet to the operator


Microprocessor control with 60 programme memory positions for up to 60 cutting programmes for the most diverse products
User-friendly menu navigation
Individual storage of the set-up programmes with product names
Substantial possibility of adjusting the parameters of the cutting process (cutting rate, sheet size, cutter cleaning interval)

Technical specifications

length 2450mm
width 1100mm
height 1400mm
weight 580 kg
Max. Produktgröße (Durchmesser) 600 x 400mm / 600 x 200mm (und Zwischengrößen)
Max. Product height 55mm
Electrical connection 230/240V 50 Hz 3 Ph


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