Cutting edge technology of cutting on smallest space – the universal ultrasonic cutting machine in a small form factor for cutting round cakes, pies in baking trays and products outside of baking sheets

High-tech components for best cutting results – by the use of a with high frequency oscillating titanium blade, best results can be achieved. By the ultrasonic vibrations, we reduced the adhesion of product residues on the blade. Due to the high frequency, the blade is “self-cleaning” during the cutting process. To put it simply, a less number of residues sticks on the blade. For an optimizing of the cleaning, the cutting machine is equipped with an automatic blade cleaning station.

Low-noise, energy-saving drive concept – the movements of the ultrasonic blade takes place by a 4-axis drive system with precise and fast servo drives. Caused on this innovative drive concept, the ultrasonic blade moves very flexible and therefore it can be used for a variety of cutting assignments:

Cutting of:

Round pies and cakes
Cakes in baking tray
Products on cutting plates (nut triangles, cakes in rectangle-, square- and rhombus form)

Optimal operating comfort – the unique graphical interface makes programming a snap. The administration of the desired parameters takes place user-friendly with a touch screen display.

Technical Details

high dynamic performance with minimal noise and minimal power consumption
maximize of usability by reducing the mechanical components to a minimum – maximum of accessibility to all areas of the slicer
hygienic design, designed and constructed as „wash-down“ version for an intensive wet cleaning
highest safety standards by a monitored and fully enclosed machine housing and light grid system in the infeeding range of the operator
modular basic concept – design and construction of the system takes place after customer’s requirements and the intended use

Technical specifications

length 2400mm
width 2000mm
height 1960mm
weight 1050 kg
Max. Product size (diameter) 600 x 400mm
Max. Product height 65mm
Electrical connection 400V 50 Hz 3 Ph +N +PE
Pneumatic connection Druckluft 6bar



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