Decorative Machine for Chocolate.

Mono is a decorative machine born to be displayed and work into places with chocolate flavor.

The modern design allows to fit it perfectly in the counters of confectionery, chocolate, ice cream and coffee shops.

The small size allows flexible positioning, adaptable also to existing furniture.

The presence of Mono enhances the aesthetical impact as well as olfactory and visual effect.

Machine decorates the products, fill small glasses and cups with pure chocolate or gianduia, streak waffles, dip ice cream cones and cups.

The stop flow system, helps in dosing desired quantity.

The reversable run of screw pump allows to empty chocolate into the bowl for faster restarting.

The low power consumption allows its continuous use for the whole day long.

Technical Data

Bowl capacity: kg 7 Average consumption: kW 0,6 Voltage: 380/220 V Switch for screw pump reversal Rear chocolate unloading

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