K–series of compact, easily movable melters with capacities ranging from 50–200kg.

The K–series incorporates the proven pump and auger system making it easy to pump chocolate out of the working bowl wherever it’s needed.

The rotatable spout can be positioned over the working bowl of the tempering machine (or into a storage or other container) and chocolate pumped using a foot pedal. The pump can reverse to empty the pipe of chocolate to keep it clear.

A complete range of accessories is available to integrate FBM melting tanks with tempering and enrobing machines, and other applications, as well as tanks that are completely customized and tailored to specific customer requirement


K–series: Digital controls with automatic temperature regulation and manual unloading.

K–series: Heating method: thermo-resistive wire.

Technical Data

Capacity: 50 kg~200 kg Installed power: 3/4/5 kW

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