The 8-arm spinning machine is the ideal instrument for any industrial production of hollow chocolate product (like Easter eggs).

A device with magnet-connections and eight arms, carrying each moulds up to a standard dimension of 880 (kg 1,5), allows the moulds to make a double rotary movement and to vibrate: the first movement spreads evenly the chocolate on the inner walls of the moulds, while the second one makes the chocolate layer more even and keeps out all the small air bubbles which could damage the look of the final product.

Vibration and rotation are activated by separate switches, while other devices make these movements adjustable.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with two ventilators in front of the arms, which give a first cooling to the product.

Technical Data

Voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz single-phase Installed power: 2 kW Maximum mould dimension: 880 mm 1st/2nd RPM: speed 2/4

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