The Vertigo series consists of 3 linear modules (1110, 1610 and 2106) and 2 30 ° cylindrical corner modules that can be perfectly coupled with the mechanical fastening of the ending ribs and the front uprights.

The tanks are monolithic coated in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane, the display area is in polished steel.

The glass structure has a heated front glass with a patented anti-fog system that can be opened downwards. The glass sides are stratified and heated, with mirror screen printing, ceiling lamp in polished aluminum with an integrated track for plexiglass sliding doors with hermetic closure, uprights, shelf supports and profiles in polished aluminum, intermediate glass shelves.

The lighting is with no spot 3000°K strip led ceiling that ensure continuous lighting without heat build-up.

Vertigo display cases have been designed to have excellent performance. The ice cream showcases have semi-hermetic motors with programmed ultra-rapid reverse cycle defrosts.

Pastry display cases offer a wide range of versions (ventilated refrigerated, ventilated refrigerated with drawers, static, totally refrigerated) designed to satisfy all the needs of pastry chefs and to maintain a constant temperature in refrigerated areas.


Details and technology

Glass structure
Tempered tilt-down single front glass

Ventilated refrigeration with high humidity oversized system

Laminated glass sides with mirror serigraphy



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