Mirror, through the reflection of itself, tries to dematerialize to enhance the product exhibited like a precious jewel. Mirror is entirely coated with mirror elements and back-painted glasses.

A new and contemporary way to design the showcase, free-standing, in the center of the room. A showcase having rigorous, elegant and pure shapes that, if it weren’t for the sophisticated top glass upwards opening system, it would look like an inaccessible casket.

A modular project composed by linear, central elements and “head” elements. The composition can reach large sizes by adding linear elements.

Mirror can integrate other furnishing systems completing the central exhibition areas, where the operator’s presence is not necessary.


Details and technology

Upper glass
Laminated heated glass with “brushless” automatic opening system

Glass structure
Laminated heated glass structure with anti-fog system

Display surface
Display area ventilated refrigerated with positive and negative temperature, s/s trays


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