HML 480 S AUTO Shell moulding line

HML 480 S Automatic moulding line for shell moulding and solid chocolate products

Key features

Modular shell moulding line:
– Overflow system enables you to run different moulds without tool change.
– 3-stage moulidng: because the shell, filling and bottom are produced in different stages, you can use a very wide variety of fillings and ingredients in your products. This line will help you to make a full assortment of chocolates in the most flexible way possible.
– There are almost no limitations in the viscosities and compositions of the fillings you can use.
– Cooling tunnels, depositor for fillings and automatic de-moulding can be added at any stage in the future.

Our advise

Versatile chocolate moulding line which lets you grow your business step by step

Technical details

Capacity 100 – 200 kg/h
Contence/Size 275×135 or 275×175 mm moulds
Floor space 30-40 m²
Command pannel Touch screen PLC
On wheels No
Electrical connection 3-phase + N + E
Compressed air connection Yes
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