Industrial Mixer SINCROMIX 600

This heavy duty machine allows you to centralize all mixing operations of an industrial bakery or confectionery industry.

The two spiral arms, their wide working area and their synchronized rotation speed enable you to reach outstanding mixing times, halved in comparison with normal mixers while preserving traditional mixing characteristics.

The original design of transmissions and of the entire structure and the solutions developed concerning the duration and safety of components, have been carefully studied in order to produce a simple and safe machine for industrial production with limited routine maintenance.

The bowl trolley is automatically stopped and can move in transit due to the straddle carrier frame. These features are used to ensure automatic bowl trolley interchangeability.

The bowl can be connected to an automatic batching system for infeeding different ingredients during mixing. The operating cycles are computerized and can be customized to suit your varying baking requirements.

The machine is available in two versions: one version is produced with a tool at two speeds, the other with the tool at variable speed that can be regulated to suit the kind of dough you wish to produce.

OPERATION: Feasible operations can be automatic or manual. Automatic operations are performed and monitored by a PLC. Both include the following steps:

1. Bowl trolley is fitted and then coupled
2. Head moves down until the bowl has completely closed.
3. Mixing cycle is run.
4. Head is raised.
5. Bowl trolley is uncoupled.

Since machine operation can be completely automatic, the machine is ideal for use alongside ingredient batching systems.




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