Overturnable Mixer NUOVA VITTORIA

Produces perfect, well aired blends without the slightest rough- handling or overheating of the dough, thanks to the wrap-around double spiral shape of the kneading tool with an oblique axis.

Developed from the successful designs for fork and spiral kneading machines, it fully satisfies all bakery requirements as it allows the bowl to be raised so that the dough may be turned out onto tables, hoppers, conveyor belts, etc.

Cast iron structure and bowl support base; the lifting column, which is an integral part of the kneading machine, is made of steel.

Independent motors, graded protection class IP 44, drive the transmissions with gears operating in oil bath or grease for the main movements: tool rotation, bowl rotation, lifting of the accident-prevention guard on the tool, lifting of the bowl trolley.

The parts in contact with the dough, such as the bowl and the accident-prevention guard, are made of stainless steel; in particular, the tool is made of cast stainless steel.

The kneading machine is simple to use: there is only one panel, graded protection class IP 55, which contains the timers for the duration of the kneading cycles and for engaging the changes of speed, the selector for choosing the work cycles, the button for rotating the bowl into unloading position and other controls for immediate use.

It is produced with unloading to right or left at heights of 120, 180 or 210 cm (other heights on request). A version with a 100 program computer is also available.




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