Removable bowl FAST A

Concentrates and renews the technical solutions applied to the traditional spiral mixers.

Produces both direct dough, even with a high percentage of water, and harddough, thus adapting to traditional and modern kneading requirements

Cast stainless steel kneading tool with wrap-around shape, ensuring the success of even small mixes in large bowl. Cast iron pedestal, head and trolley ensure extreme sturdiness.

Precise mechanical design with refaced helical gears operating in an oil bath orgrease, to ensure quiet running and reliability. Independent motors graded protection class IP 44 to drive the main movements, with a felt that controls the gears for rotation of the tool and bowl and lifting of the head.

Easily interchangeable bowl trolley with automatic locking; may be arranged for lifting and tipping.

Stainless steel accident-prevention guard and bowl.

Easy-to-road centralized control panel to carry out the two-speed automatic work cycle with inversion of the direction of rotation of the bawl, protection class IP 55.

Electrical components assembled in one case located at the rear of the machine, protection class IP 55. A version with a 100 program computer is also available.


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