Coffee sorbet

Mix in which you will appreciate the texture, the freshness and the intense coffee taste, without any added flavourings.
We reached an harmonic bouquet, not rough and without overwhelming tastes. It’s easy to use, you only have to add water to the powdery compound. The fat matrix is quite interesting, because it excludes palm, rapeseed and hydrogenated oils, being constituted only by coconut oil in powder.


sugar, dehydrated glucose syrup, coconut oil in powder, maltodextrin, skimmed powdered milk, whey in powder, dextrose, soluble coffee (5%), vegetable fiber (alpha-cyclodextrin), emulsifiers mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, stabilizers guar gum and carob bean gum, milk proteins.

Use mode

dissolve the content of the bag (1kg) in 3 litres of water whisking. Put the product into the slush machine. Once ready, serve.

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