New MP Line AG-M1

Automatic group for zoccoletti ,ciabatta ,baguette and finger rolls with automatic panning system .No stress dividing system .

The plant is on a unique mounted structure with adjustable parking screw feet so as to grant a perfect stability The modules for the plant are as follows :
a rotative divider with a loading hopper for high dough capacity. This solution will allow to achieve products that with regard to the dimensions can be laid on 1,2,3,4 or 5 rows.

A guillotine divider able to cut at the desired length the products coming from the rotative divider and guarantee a perfect crosswise alignment of the product .

The combination between thickness ,rows number and guillotine cutting length will allow to always find the best solution for any product .

A 650 mm length four cylinder moulder with setting device on all laminating / moulding parameters .A ‘’flap’’ type alignment device will guarantee a correct depositing system on the loading belt of the next unit .

A moulding plate adjustable in 2 points allows the product coming from the moulder to be worked and guarantee a perfect synthesis between diameter and length.

An automatic trays panning system with vertical loader able to stack up to 20 trays .This unit allows the precise storage on flat or corrugated trays with specific steps when formulating the recipe .This unit allows to use trays in various dimensions .

The whole plant is PLC controlled with ‘’touch screen operator ‘’ interfaced system in which it is possible to store up to 100 recipes .In each recipe it is possible to memorize the name ,the weight ,the row numbers and the number of steps for each tray.
Any parameter variation of the recipe is extremely easy and always supported by self-correction weight .

The choice to organize all the modules in a unique structure has allowed to get , other function being equal , minor volume ,a major ergonomics and user- friendliness



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