Nocino di Modena Toschi is native to Modena and one of our company’s historic products.
Nocino di Modena Toschi follows all the production rules for products with the “Tradition and Flavours of Modena” label, the umbrella brand created by the Modena Chamber of Commerce to distinguish food products made in the local tradition. Toschi offersthree versions: Classico and Riserva, aged for over 5 years.

The traditional recipe of “Nocino di Modena” would ask for the hulls of fresh walnuts to be harvested the night of St. John, on June 24th. Toschi has been producing the Nocino liqueur since 1945, according to the dictates of the collective mark “Tradizioni e Sapori di Modena” (Traditions and Flavors of Modena).

Made according to an ancient recipe owed by the Toschi family, Nocino is one of the trademark products of the company. Folklore says that on the night of Saint John, which corresponded to the summer solstice, women would disappear in the darkness of the countryside and gather under the walnut tree.

The most expert woman, barefoot, would climb on a ladder and chose the most intact nuts, touch them softly to preserve the dew of the night and place them in a basket.
In the meantime, bonfires would be lighted in the courtyard and the walnut hulls deposited on the ground, on empty jute bags, in order to receive again the night dew, considered the panacea of all evils. The walnut hulls would be then cut in four parts and placed, together with sugar, alcohol and spices, in glass jars exposed to the sun for 40 to 60 days.

To get Nocino di Modena Toschi, the infusion obtained is sagely aged in precious oak barrels for over two years for our Nocino Classico and for over 5 years for the Riserva.

The Nocino di Modena Toschi, with its distinctive bouquet and fragrance as well as intense and unmistakable flavor, is ideal served neat and at room temperature at the end of a meal.

The diffusion of this product and the strong bond with the local territory and traditions, has brought the Nocino Toschi to new serving ways and modern options: on ice during the summer time or hot as a punch during the winter. And for a refined dessert we recommend pouring Nocino Toschi on cream ice creams and gelato.

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