Persipan (Apricot kernel Paste)

Persipan is an economical substitute for marzipan. Raw persipan paste is manufactured by the same process as marzipan, and consists of debittered apricot kernels and sugar. The moisture content does not exceed 20 %, and a maximum of 35 % of sugar is added. Apart from this, the paste contains 1/2 % of potato starch, which is added to comply with German food legislation.

Persipan for forming is obtained by blending raw persipan with sugar. Up to one and a half parts of sugar may be added to one part of raw persipan. It is recommended to add up to 5 % of glucose syrup and 5 % sorbitol syrup, but these additions must be deducted from the sugar addition.

cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

PB Raw persipan paste
65% apricot kernels
35% sugar
This is raw persipan made from apricot kernels of
the very best origins. A high-quality substitute for
raw marzipan.

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