SAMM Fill for belt

Pump-driven chocolate depositor for drops, chips and chunks

Key features

Because the SAMM Fill uses a dosing pump, it can be used for depositing the smallest mini-drops (20.000 pcs/kg) up to the largest drops.
For the depositing of chunks or sticks, the SAMM Fill can deposit continuous strings, which are then cut into smaller pieces at the end of the cooling tunnel.
In order to make another drop size, just exchange the depositing plate.

Our advise

Our SAMM Fill is the most flexible and easy to clean chocolate depositor.

Technical details

Capacity 50-1000 kg/h
Contence/Size 300 up to 1000 mm
Floor space 1 m²
Command pannel Touch screen PLC
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection Monophase, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air connection Yes
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