Sesame 100% pure (white)

White sesame seeds are extremely rich in calcium, while the black ones, with a more aromatic and vibrant taste, are used in the extraction of a special oil, particularly widespread in the East.
Beyond the typology, sesame seeds seem to be the perfect candidates for the “food trend” of the moment, especially in the confectionery field.
Celebrated as a great wellness source, they are able to enhace a dessert or ice-cream flavour, enriching it with pleasant combinations and chromatic contrasts.
Fugar proposes two pure pastes with sesame seeds: a smooth one in the white variety and another in the black one, which contains small pieces of roasted sesame and vegetable black carbon, which confers a even more dark hue. The taste created will evoke an intense, fragrant and pleasantly persistent.


white sesame.

Use mode

100 – 150 g of paste per 1 kg of white base.Mix before use.The possible rising of oil to the surface is due to the naturalness of the ingredients.

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