One shot depositor with 3D movement

Key features

The 3D feature will add an extra dimension to the belt of the depositor, so that it will get a 2-axis movement.  This will make the depositor suitable for decorating purposes with chocolate.
The touch screen interface gets a new version of the Hacos Chococad software, which will enable you to make designs in a very easy way, using the depositor screen or even an external PC.
The 3D feature can be retrofitted to most MINOS 2D versions.

Our advise

The 3D feature makes the MINOS the most versatile machine for modern chocolatiers.

Technical details

Capacity 15 to 30 deposits per minute
Contence/Size 2×9 pistons, 2×7 kg hoppers
Floor space 1,5 m²
Command pannel Touch screen PLC with PC compatibility
On wheels Yes
Electrical connection 3-phase + N + E
Compressed air connection Yes
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