Mya professional showcases range consists of 3 linear modules (1150, 1650, 2150) and 1 conical 45 ° corner module.

The tanks are monolithic coated in steel and insulated with ecological polyurethane, the display area is in polished steel. The uprights and the micro-ceiling lights are in polished aluminum with an integrated track for plexiglass sliding doors with hermetic closure; intermediate glass shelves.

The no spot 3000°k led lighting ensures a continuous lighting without heat build-up.

MYA display cases have been designed to have excellent performance. For example, the ice-cream showcases have a double air flow refrigeration that guarantees the perfect temperature distribution even with ice-cream that exceeds the level of the pan, the compressors are semi-hermetic and ultra-fast automatic defrosts with cycle inversion.

In the pastry version it is possible, though a selector, to adjust the refrigeration to one or more display levels up to the total refrigeration of the display case.


Details and technology

Glass structure
Double-glazed glass structure with black serigraphy, front glass can be lifted up.

Adjustable ventilated refrigeration on different shelves with high humidity oversized system.

Display plate
Lift-up mechanism for the steel display plate.



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