Neutral Base for Brittle

Now Fugar has reinterpreted this dessert by creating a plain and versatile powder base, ideal to prepare not only brittle bites but also waffles for parfait, ice cream decorations, energy bars, cannoli, etc.
The peculiarity of this base is that it can be used plain or it can welcome the addition of nuts, sesame seeds, cocoa, or coffee. Also, this base can be modeled by hand or using silicone moulds to create baskets, cups, and elegant shapes to create different decorative elements.


dextrose, sugar, dehydrated glucose syrup, cocoa butter in powder, whey in powder, emulsifier sunflower lecithin.

Use mode

Lay the ready-to-use mix on a silicon mat or baking paper, or mix 500 g of product with 300 g of nuts. Bake at 190-200°C for 8-9 minutes with open valve. Let cool down and model to create different compositions.

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