Packaging machine mg25

These machines are for the careful wrapping in foil of marron glacés. The remarkable capacity plus reliable packing, reduce production costs. The presentation of the marron glacés in foil is more attractive and flavors are well protected.


The machine is fitted with a rotary table feeder. The Marron glacés are placed by hand into the recesses provided on the table. When the machine detects the presence of a Marrons glacés, it is automatically wrapped and ejected into a container. The foil is automatically cut from the roll according to the size of the Marron glacés. Automatic feeding of the cartoon.


Tubular steel frame, superstructure parts of anodized light metal. Moving parts have prelubricated ball bearings. Pneumatic cylinders with light metal components and stainless steel cylinder tube. Compressed air servicing unit. Electronic control with control box. Electro pneumatic control valves.

Technical data

Capacity: up to 25 pieces a minute
Electrical connection: Single phase 400V, 50 Hz / 1.1 kW
Compressed air connection needed: 6 bar / 250 liters per minute
Foil roll: Max. external diameter 200 mm, core diameter 70 mm. Foil thickness depend on the shape. Roll width according to the Marron glacés size Standard type for not printed foil or continual printed foil. Color mark sensor as optional
Dimension of the products: natural grown marrons glace max. 44 x 35mm
Dimension of the machine: 2’000 x 2’000 mm, h: 2’000 mm

Machine with an automatic foil feeding system, and a comfortable rotary table feeder. Steel components, covers and cladding are of stainless steel or burn in varnish.

The foil is automatically fed from the roll. The machine has a rotary table feeder to permit continuous feeding of the Marrons glacés.


Additional equipment: Color mark sensor for printed foil



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