Packaging machine wm80rtn

The ZUM WALD wm80rtn packaging machine can package a wide range of individual chocolates and chocolate blocks in aluminium foil or other suitable materials. The changeover time from one product to another can be as low as a few minutes. The machine can individually package products such as chocolate hearts, chocolate eggs, filled chocolate balls, chocolate bars, small hollow figurines, pyramids, products filled with liquor (such as Kirschstengeli (chocolate sticks filled with cherry liquor)) and many other products of very different shapes.
The machine is fitted with four format heads and two foil feed systems. The handling of this machine is somewhat slower compared to the other machines. It is, however, the most powerful machine of this series.

Machine with an automatic foil feeding system, and a comfortable rotary table feeder. The machine has a vacuum system, witch permits to handle chocolates with a difficult shape or chocolates with liquid filling or chocolate figures. Steel components, covers and cladding are of stainless steel. Automatic wrapping machine for several chocolates of different shapes and sizes. The foil is automatically fed from the roll. The machine has a rotary table feeder to permit continuous feeding of the chocolates.


The machine is fitted with a rotary table feeder. The chocolates are placed by hand into the recesses provided on the table. When the machine detects the presence of a chocolate, it is automatically wrapped (brush wrapping) and ejected into a container. The foil is automatically cut from the roll according to the size of chocolate. The changeover of the tools for another shape or size is easy.

Technical Data

Capacity: up to 80 pieces per minute
Dimension of the products: Maximum length 85mm
Maximum diameter 50 mm
Time for changing the tools to another shape: approx. 15 minutes
Dimension of the machine: 1200 x 1800 mm, h: 1620 mm


Additional equipment: Format set for a different size (brush wrapping)
Format set for a different size (envelope style)
Color mark sensor
Roll station for balls
Special additionals: Oversize machine for products up to 100mm not available
Twist equipment, without format set not available
Format set fort wist wrapping, one size not available
Equipment for Cellophan without format set not available
Format set for Cellophan, one size not available

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