Chocolate Negro Amargo Más

Chocolate Negro Amargo Más is characterized by an intense and strong taste and the high percentage of fat-reduced cocoa gives a deep colour to the finished ice cream, tending to black, without using colourings, neither natural nor artificial.
The sugary substance included is brown sugar, it doesn’t contain palm oil.
The product is practical and quick to use, the result is soft and spreadable ice cream with extra dark chocolate flavour.
VEGANOK certified.


brown sugar, dextrose, cocoa (18%), fat reduced cocoa (15%), cocoa butter powder, dehydrated glucose syrup, vegetable fiber (alfa-cyclodextrin), stabilizers guar gum and carob bean gum, flavouring.

Use mode

emulsify with a stick blender 1,6 kg of Chocolate Negro Amargo Más in 2,4 kg of hot water.

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