E-free Base

Hot process.
Natural base milky flavour, without flavourings, emulsifiers, additives, stabilizers and thickeners (characterized by the letter E).
We introduce our perfect base without E, E-free, which is able to satisfy the hardest demands of ice-cream makers. E-free base is the ideal product to create creamy milky ice-cream with a natural and soft flavour, thanks to a combination of natural and selected ingredients. The stabilizing and thickening function is due to pure powder of baobab fruit and the high smoothness to a careful selection of vegetal fibers.


sugar, dextrose, dehydrated glucose syrup, skimmed powdered milk, milk proteins, vegetable fiber (alpha-cyclodextrin), vegetable proteins, dehydrated flesh of Baobab fruit.

Use mode

240 g base E-Free + 620 g fresh whole milk + 140 g fresh cream.

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