White chocolate powder

In powder.
Among the greediest versions of the “food of the gods” there is one which is always more popular in the market, simply known as “white chocolate”.
With the tones of milk, vanilla and slightly floral, Fugar White Chocolate gets simple and harmonious.
Notable on the label are the cocoa butter fats, instead of the common different vegetable fat substances, less noble.


sugar, dextrose, cocoa butter in powder (8%), dehydrated glucose syrup, skimmed powdered milk, vegetable fiber (alpha-cyclodextrin), milk proteins, flavourings, emulsifiers mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, stabilizers guar gum and carob bean gum sodium alginate.

Use mode

1,1 kg of compound ingredient White Chocolate, 2,5 kg of fresh whole milk, 0,5 kg of fresh cream (35% fat substance). Mix the ingredients, pasteurize and put directly in the ice-cream machine or melt the White Chocolate in heated milk (60°C – 80°C), add the cream and put in the ice-cream machine.

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