Caramel topping

The most sold topping sauce in the ice cream market and Ho.Re.Ca. world is caramel. It’s quite a difficult challenge to create a really good version of it obtaining the right combination of taste and colour. Infact in our field it’s common to find variations that are too light in colour and poor in taste, or extremely dark and cooked, with scents of burnt.
We introduce the interpretation by Fugar of this classic product, realized with intense but balanced tones, with no bad aftertastes, with the correct fluidity. It covers and don’t slip very much, the reason why it can easily be combined with the standard consistencies of ice cream and pastry sector. Shiny-amber colour and reflections.
Food plastic bottles with seal under the top and dripless pour spout.


glucose syrup, caramelised sugar (sugar, water) (15%), thickeners modified starch pectin, flavouring, colouring E 150b.

Use mode

For ice-cream, desserts and semifreddo. Use at will.

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