Salty Caramel topping

The contrast sweet-salty in food and sweets has always characterized the cooking and pastry history, It is a contradiction that creates balance. Today that it is always more common to analyze the sensorial effects of food appreciation, a higher satisfaction for this refined combination comes out.
In Salty Caramel by Fugar, the correct structure and density obtained by the presence of condensed milk recreates the unique taste of mou caramel. Moreover you can taste the notes, not too strong, of the prestigious salt from Cervia, defined for this reason with an original oxymoron, the ’sweet salt’.
Our new topping filling gives the best result on ice cream, cream and desserts.
Food plastic bottles with seal under the top and dripless pour spout.


concentrated sugared milk, glucose syrup, caramelised sugar (sugar, water) (15%), sweet sea salt from Cervia (1%), flavouring.

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