Mango Flan

The slogan, “the perfect balance between pudding and ice-cream” includes the real spirit of the Flan Line, launched by Fugar few years ago.
Inspired to the typical French dessert, this line has gained its space in the display freezer, thanks to its peculiar texture and smoothness: solid and soft as a pudding, easy to put on ice-cream and to digest like a traditional ice-cream. With plant origin ingredients and in line with the principles of vegan ideology, they are characterized by a clean label.


brown sugar, sweet almonds, vegetable oils (sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter), maltodextrin, vegetable fiber (alpha-cyclodextrin), dehydrated concentrated mango juice (2%), flavourings, emulsifier soya lecithin, coloring curcumin.

Use mode

Dose at your liking to variegate and fill.
Flan preparation: 2 kg of Mango Flan, 2,6 kg hot water, 300 g dextrose, whisk or mix with stick blender and put into the ice-cream machine. Mix before use.

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