Miscela Fondente Origine

Predosed base mix, exclusively developed for the production of dark chocolate sorbet with high percentage of cocoa (65% – 80%). Without milk or derivatives and no emulsifiers.

Base mix premeasured exclusively designed for the production of dark chocolate sorbets with high percentage of cocoa (65% / 80%).
To the Miscela Fondente Origine mix, which is absolutely free from milk and its derivatives as well as emulsifiers, you only need to add dark chocolate and water in place of traditional milk which, even if in small part, would lead to dampen the aromatic refinement of chocolate used.

Processing method:
– Heat up to 90 ° two liters of water
– Add to the water 800 grams of dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (65% / 80%), taking care to mix the obtained mixture until the complete dissolution of the chocolate
– Add the entire bag of MISCELA FONDENTE ORIGINE taking care to fully rehydrate all powders whisking, preferably with an immersion blender
– Let stand for 5-10 minutes and freeze

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