Neve di latte

I pasticci di Leonardo – Leonardo’s Hashes
It is a compound ingredient in powder for ice-cream with melissa taste.
This is Leonardo’s first attempt at ice cream, conceived during his stay in Venice.
It is an ice-cream flavour characterized by the soft taste of milk and melissa.


sugar, skimmed milk powder (28%), glucose syrup, dextrose, milk proteins, inulin, emulsifiers mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Melissa extract (0,3%), natural Melissa flavouring, stabilizers guar gum and carob bean xanthan gum, vanilla pods extract.

Use mode

1,2 kg of compound ingredient Neve di Latte, 1,860 kg of hot water and 0,940 kg of fresh cream (35% fat content).
Mix the ingredients and put into the ice-cream machine.

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