Inspired to the French natural semifreddo, Quenelle is the product that simplify your life offering thousands of possibilities.
You can have a showcase freezer always up with the times, following seasonality and customers’ tastes offerind ice cream trays made with whipped product; really glamour and attractive, with the chance to fill to the brim without using vegetable fats or additional emulsifiers.
Quenelle perfectly matches with fruit, creams and decorations in order to create a soft and greedy ice cream.
Quenelle, enjoyable tasting sensations for your palate.


dextrose, fructose, thickener modified starch, skimmed powdered milk, milk proteins, inulin, flavorings, vanilla berries extract.

Use mode

250-280 g of Quenelle per 1 litre of fresh cream. Whip in kitchenaid; add flavouring pastes to obtain different flavours. Stabilize for few minutes into the blast-chiller.

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