Vegan custard

Powdered mix flavoured with vanilla pods, ideal to fill croissants, prepare tarts, elegant single servings and desserts, rigorously vegan.
The product does not need to be flavoured and is easy to use. Suitable also for baking.


brown sugar, maize starch, cocoa butter powder, modified starch thickener, coconut milk powder, maltodextrin, stabilizers carob bean gum carrageenan, vegetable proteins, dehydrated glucose syrup, flavourings, vanilla pods extract, colouring annatto.

Use mode

400 g of compound ingredient per 1000 g of water. Pour the hot water into the kitchenaid, add the mixture (at will grated citrus fruit peel or something else) mix the compound for few minute. Let it rest for about two minutes and mix it again for another minute. Flavour at will: 1000 g Vegan Custard with 100/150 g of oily paste with desidered flavour or other. Suitable also for baking. The possible formation of little lumps is due to the presence of cocoa butter.

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