Zabaglione cream

I pasticci di Leonardo – Leonardo’s Hashes
Fugar over the years, made fall in love a lot of costumers with its precious concentrated zabaglione pastes that boats ingredients like the egg yolk and the old Marsala.
We find these two noble ingredients in the innovative Zabaglione cream that may be used to fill and variegate semifreddo, dessert and ice creams.
Zabaglione Cream, thanks to its intense and incisive flavour can be match with spicy and chilli taste, like the cinnamon.


glucose syrup, concentrated sugared milk, sugar, pasteurized egg yolk (10%), Marsala superiore (7%), alcohol, thickeners pectin modified starch, acidifier citric acid, preservative potassium sorbate, colourings annatto curcumin, flavourings, vanilla bean extract.

Use mode

ready to use. Dose at will. Mix before use.

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