Biancherò vegan

Finally available the vegan version of the most popular powdered mix of Fugar range. We have replaced animal proteins and skimmed milk powder with vegetable proteins and freeze dried coconut milk.
It is required to add water, or mash fruit, or a vegetable drink, along with vegetable cream to prepare semifreddo, puddings, desserts, gelato on sticks and mousse, 100% vegan.


brown sugar, dextrose, modified starch thickener, maltodextrin, coconut milk powder, vegetable proteins, stabilizers carob bean gum and guar gum, dehydrated glucose syrup, flavouring.

Use mode

250 g of compound ingredient, 300 g of water/mash fruit/vegetable drink, 700 g “vegetable cream” (vegetable mixture ready to whip gluten free and dairy free). Pour water or vegetable drink or mash into the kitchenaid and add Biancherò Vegan. Whisk for about one minute the mixture. Drizzle in “vegetable cream” (previously cooled) and whip until you reach the wanted texture. Flavour at will the semifreddo adding manually the oily paste/fruit paste at your pleasure or adding it directly with water.

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